Steyer Doubles Down On Democrats In Colorado

by Michael Sandoval September 20, 2018
Tom Steyer

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A Western Wire review of campaign finance records shows that California billionaire and prominent Democratic activist and donor Tom Steyer has upped his support for candidates up and down the ticket in the Centennial state. The Colorado Secretary of State’s Transparency in Contribution and Expenditure Reporting (TRACER) system shows that …

XTO Donates 5,000 Acre-Feet Of Water To Help Colorado’s Drought-Stricken Western Slope

by Michael Sandoval September 18, 2018

Paul Gana / Shutterstock

XTO Energy Inc. will donate 5,000 acre-feet of water to the State of Colorado to assist with extreme drought conditions in the western part of the state, according to a company statement. The company, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, announced its plans to transfer the water from Ruedi Reservoir in Pitkin county “for use downstream of the reservoir, including for irrigation and fish habitat purposes.” XTO is coordinating the operation with Colorado’s Division Engineer’s office, the company said.

Weld County Calls Prop 112 A ‘De Facto Ban,’ Unanimously Votes To Oppose Setback Measure

by Michael Sandoval September 17, 2018

Western Wire

The five members of the Weld County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously today to oppose Proposition 112, a proposed 2,500-foot setback on November’s ballot that they called a “dumb idea” and a “de facto ban” on oil and gas development. Weld County Chair Steve Moreno, Commissioner Sean Conway, Commissioner Pro-Tem Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Julie Cozad, and Commissioner Mike Freeman all gave full-throated support for the resolution introduced Monday.

Environmental Groups Split At Climate Summit Between Protesting and Embracing Carbon Pricing

by Elena Connolly September 15, 2018

Western Wire

This week, thousands of politicians, scientists, activists and business leaders met in San Francisco to take part in the “Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS)” organized by California’s outgoing Governor, Jerry Brown. Dozens of panels, which included Former Vice President Al Gore and Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, focused on issues of lowering emissions and adhering to the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

Dem Divide In Colorado As Top House Democrat Endorses Prop 112

by Michael Sandoval September 14, 2018


Colorado State Rep. K.C. Becker (D-Boulder) has endorsed Proposition 112, a 2,500-foot setback on November’s ballot, confirming her decision to support the measure on Friday. Becker served as House Majority Leader and could be the next Speaker of the House in 2019 should her party retain control of the State’s lower chamber.

New Mexico’s Billion-Dollar Lease Sale Leads 3rd Quarter BLM Results

by Michael Sandoval September 14, 2018


New Mexico’s 3rd quarter oil and gas lease sales for parcels on lands overseen by the Bureau of Land Management drew nearly $1 billion in competitive bids last week, driving the bureau’s quarterly lease sales to record heights. “[T]he Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) third-quarter oil and gas lease sale in New Mexico broke all previous records by grossing nearly $1 billion in bonus bids for 142 parcels. The two-day sale brought in more revenue than all BLM oil and gas sales in 2017 combined, and surpassed BLM’s previous best sales year,” DOI said in a statement.