Roundhouse Wrapup: ‘New Mexico Must Embrace Its Strengths’ In Oil & Gas

by Michael Sandoval March 21, 2019

Shutterstock / Sherry Talbot

Top New Mexico education officials and business experts observing the just-concluded legislative session in Santa Fe say that while the oil and gas industry is strong, it could face significant challenges in coming years that threaten the state’s budget and a boom in student education funding. During the 60-day session, bills passed to transition the state to a low-carbon electricity future and empowering the state’s Conservation Division to punish operators. A proposed four-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing failed to move out of the Senate Conservation Committee in late February.

Weld County, Oil And Gas Workers Undaunted As They Continue Opposition To SB 181

by Michael Sandoval March 15, 2019

Nearly 300 oil and gas workers joined Weld County and nonprofit officials at a rally Friday in Greeley to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 181, which they said threatens local and state tax revenues and especially their economy. The comprehensive oil and gas legislation has sailed through the State Senate on an expedited schedule and will make its first appearance in the State House on Monday in the House Energy & Environment committee.

Bishop Invites Former Presidents To Testify On Antiquities Act And National Monument Designations

by Michael Sandoval March 13, 2019


Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have all used the power of the executive pen to set aside vast tracts of federal lands and create national monuments, but in an unusual move one member of Congress who sees such unfettered power as lacking in oversight and public input has asked the ex-presidents to testify before Congress. On Tuesday, Rep. Rob Bishop, ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee, invited the three previous presidents who put millions of acres into national monuments through the Antiquities Act to provide their “perspective” on the topic of presidential monument designations. Only four former presidents have ever testified before Congress, according to Politico.

If Colorado Oil and Gas Bill is About Health and Safety, Why Not Wait for the State’s Health and Safety Report?

by Matt Dempsey, Western Wire Opinion Editor March 12, 2019

Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment

Back in 2014, then-Congressman Jared Polis and then-Governor John Hickenlooper brokered a compromise that would lead to a blue-ribbon task force on oil and gas in Colorado. The panel came away with several recommendations, one being the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) conduct oil and gas health …

Local Officials Raise Fiscal, Education Impact Objections To SB 181 As Prominent Democrats Push Back Against Bill

by Michael Sandoval March 8, 2019

Western Wire

The cost in local and state revenues of the proposed oil and gas bill currently speeding through the Colorado General Assembly could be devastating, or it could be mostly unknown, depending on who you ask. Senate Bill 181 cruised through the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday and the Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday on party line votes and is headed to the Senate floor after a long but quick week that saw hundreds of witnesses testify for and against the bill in marathon sessions at the Capitol.

Senate Hearing Highlights How State Leadership and Flexible Standards Mean Lower Emissions

by MICHAEL SANDOVAL March 7, 2019

Western Wire

This week state air regulators praised the more flexible approach of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Trump Administration in a Senate hearing which they say allows them to craft polices that reflect the issues facing their states and implement effective environmental protections. Lawmakers heard from state officials at …