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Steyer Doubles Down On Democrats In Colorado

by Michael Sandoval September 20, 2018
Tom Steyer

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A Western Wire review of campaign finance records shows that California billionaire and prominent Democratic activist and donor Tom Steyer has upped his support for candidates up and down the ticket in the Centennial state. The Colorado Secretary of State’s Transparency in Contribution and Expenditure Reporting (TRACER) system shows that …

Tom Steyer

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Despite being a top national campaign donor in the past three election cycles, California billionaire and political activist Tom Steyer has a losing track record and has split the Democratic Party, especially on issues of energy and the environment. So his visit to Denver this week will undoubtedly create heartburn for Democratic officials. Steyer’s latest visit to Colorado is part of his impeachment roadshow, and his first foray into the Rocky Mountain West. He will be at the Mile High Station on Wednesday as part of his national “Need to Impeach” crusade, in which he has invested at least $40 million in a campaign to oust the President. Democrats across the country, including House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and former senior advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, have voiced significant reservations about the campaign.

The Montana affiliate of the League of Conservation Voters, a group backed by California billionaire Tom Steyer, is all-in for U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) in the Treasure State. A Western Wire review of campaign finance records at uncovers Tester’s biggest contributor so far in the 2018 election cycle, …

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California billionaire Tom Steyer has targeted state races in Colorado for the 2018 midterm, but some of the climate activist’s infrastructure has already been called upon to shore up the political fortunes of a local county commissioner. Conservation Colorado, a state affiliate of the Steyer-funded League of Conservation Voters (LCV), has launched and paid for a campaign to retain embattled La Plata County Commissioner Gwen Lachelt, a Western Wire investigation shows.

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The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), backed by California-based billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer, is once again setting their sights on the West for the upcoming midterm election cycle. While the environmentalist group has spent big in the past, a new memo released by LCV’s Senior Vice President for Campaigns, Pete Maysmith, announced the group will spend a record $20 million in state races in 2018, which is double the group’s highest previous campaign expenditure. Steyer is a major funder of LCV. 

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

California billionaire and prominent Democratic donor Tom Steyer has made an early entrance into Colorado’s 2018 election battleground, a Western Wire review of Colorado’s campaign finance reports reveals. Contribution reports from the 4th quarter of 2017 show Steyer jumping into five Colorado House and Senate races in competitive Colorado districts much earlier than in 2016. Democrats hold the state House, while Republicans retain a narrow majority in the state Senate.

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National environmental groups with close ties to California billionaire Tom Steyer continue to pour money into the west, this time targeting members of the Congressional Western Caucus. In a press release issued late last week, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) characterized the Western Caucus as “anti-public lands,” calling for the public to apply pressure to “anti-parks politicians.”

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