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As a rancher, former employee at Navajo Refining and an individual with a degree in Agricultural Engineering from New Mexico State University, I come at questions about energy development from a multitude of angles. Every single angle leads me to believe that state and federal lawmakers must cut red tape so we can expand natural gas production and delivery. 


With climate change dominating the political agenda of the Democratic party, both in western states like Colorado and New Mexico, and at the national level, the specter of a tax on energy has re-emerged. While some believe taxing carbon dioxide can address the issue of global warming without an expansion of government, the tax would really just be a stepping stone to the $93 trillion Green New Deal. Carbon tax proposals are almost always falsely labeled as commonsense, middle ground solutions, but the claim that a tax on energy would satisfy all parties does not stand up to scrutiny.

Much-Maligned Fossil Fuels Build Prosperous New Mexico

by John Waters and Arvin Trujillo June 4, 2019


New Mexico recently welcomed members of the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee as they held a field hearing in Santa Fe. The visiting federal lawmakers responded to our state’s hospitality by attacking and slandering New Mexico’s most important industry: oil and gas. Contrary to what these Washington politicians say, a sustainable and economically prosperous future for New Mexico means embracing oil and gas production in our state. Our record budget surplus and declines in methane make it clear that best way to continue on the path to a brighter future for our people is supporting what is already making this happen: responsible development of all of our resources, including oil and natural gas.

WILD Act will Spark Wildlife Conservation Innovation

by U.S. Senator John Barrasso April 22, 2019

Innovation is one of the best tools to conserve endangered species and keep invasive species under control. By: U.S. Senator John Barrasso Wyoming is home to some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet. People travel from all over the world to experience our state’s natural beauty and see …

Coos Bay

Ask any economist and they can positively point to milestones where output soared, and economies took off.  They signal pivotal events in the history of global economics. It would be fair to even call them launching pads. But they don’t happen overnight, and change can be difficult to see at first.  

Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment

Back in 2014, then-Congressman Jared Polis and then-Governor John Hickenlooper brokered a compromise that would lead to a blue-ribbon task force on oil and gas in Colorado. The panel came away with several recommendations, one being the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) conduct oil and gas health …

Editor’s Note

by AARON JOHNSON January 26, 2019

Two years ago, Western Energy Alliance launched the Western Wire news site. The purpose is to be a “go-to source for news, commentary and analysis on pro-growth, pro-development policies across the West” that gives voice to viewpoints from sources who feel the regulations and legislation from state and federal governments firsthand.   From the outset, we have been transparent and forthright about Western Wire’s pro-industry perspective, as can be seen in this recent Colorado Business Roundtable interview, and last August, when 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark said,“[W]e pointed to the Western Energy Alliance’s @WesternWireNet as a great example of how the industry can tell its own story with transparency.”

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