Public lands are a critical part of the Western way of life. What you may not know is that there are millions of public lands that many have lost access to because of the inaction of Congress. In Montana there are still over 1 million acres that have been locked …

Tom Steyer

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Despite being a top national campaign donor in the past three election cycles, California billionaire and political activist Tom Steyer has a losing track record and has split the Democratic Party, especially on issues of energy and the environment. So his visit to Denver this week will undoubtedly create heartburn for Democratic officials. Steyer’s latest visit to Colorado is part of his impeachment roadshow, and his first foray into the Rocky Mountain West. He will be at the Mile High Station on Wednesday as part of his national “Need to Impeach” crusade, in which he has invested at least $40 million in a campaign to oust the President. Democrats across the country, including House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and former senior advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, have voiced significant reservations about the campaign.

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After formally voting to move forward with a climate lawsuit against Colorado energy producers, representatives from the City and County of Boulder, along with the County Commissioner of San Miguel County, made their way down from the third floor of the Boulder County Courthouse to the Pearl Street Mall to …

This week, the Colorado Mining Association will host the 120th National Western Mining Conference in downtown Denver. Our industry is emerging through a time of great transition, but the trajectory is bright. Instead of looking back and being reflective, this year we will discuss what is next. In attendance will …

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With more than two thirds of the United States, including the Western states, facing frigid temperatures, it’s a good time to remember the importance of reliable and affordable energy, and how it can actually save lives.  For this reason, and many others, I have been concerned by the recent push from environmental groups who are targeting Catholics.  Many of these activists are calling on the church to divest from fossil fuels. They use the pope’s encyclical to claim that this is the “moral” choice for Catholics and best way to help the poor. But what they don’t consider is: what happens to low income families when temperatures drop as low as they are now? Renewable energy has promise but it can’t yet provide enough power to affordably and efficiently heat millions of American families’ homes. Those who are already struggling to pay their energy bills do not need to be faced with even higher costs, which is what would happen if environmental activists got their way.

Time to Get Them Off Our Gravy Train

by GREG WALCHER January 2, 2018

Sue and settle schemes reward pressure groups, and hurt the rest of America EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recently issued a directive to end a 20-year string of “sue and settle” cases that have funneled untold millions of tax dollars to environmental organizations. Predictably, those groups and their allies have been …

Flipping The News Script In 2017

by STAFF December 29, 2017

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Our final list—we promise!—for 2017 comprises a collection of stories that either landed just outside our top social media hits or were left on the cutting room floor for our editors’ picks. Their significance still shines in different way—these stories “flipped the script” on conventional thinking or challenged a dominant news media narrative found elsewhere. As was typical of Western Wire’s diverse coverage in 2017, they reflect a broad interest in going beyond headlines for what Paul Harvey famously called, “the rest of the story.”