New data for the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions shows substantial reductions in methane emissions in several western oil and gas basins, a Western Wire review reveals. EPA’s latest greenhouse gas GHG Reporting Program data for New Mexico’s San Juan Basin, which covers the Four Corners region, and the Permian Basin, located in New Mexico’s southeast corner, demonstrates steady and substantial declines from methane emissions.


Energy producers and named defendants in Boulder’s climate lawsuit argue the case should remain in federal court as opposed to state court in a brief filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. The brief was filed in response to a motion by Boulder County, the City …

A bipartisan group of mayors from across Colorado said that the oil and gas measure known as Proposition 112 would “devastate” their communities, destroying the “lifeblood” of their cities, was “reckless” and a “job-killer” at a rally in Denver on Tuesday. About a dozen mayors from Greeley to Colorado Springs either spoke or shared written statements with the hundreds of oil and gas industry workers and opponents of Proposition 112 on the west steps of the Colorado Capitol.


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The Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for the Martinez v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) case on Tuesday, a case whose outcome may have far-ranging ramifications for how the state’s oil and gas permitting process is conducted moving forward. The case, known as the Martinez case, …

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Elected officials warned that proponents of a 2,500-foot setback measure on the November ballot had awakened a “sleeping giant” and that state legislators—and now 44 mayors from across the state—“have the backs” of oil and gas workers at a #No On 112 rally today. Republican State Senate President Pro-Tem Jerry Sonnenberg, Senate Majority Whip John Cooke, State Rep. Phil Covarrubias, Johnstown Mayor Scott James, and U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, along with industry representatives, urged attendees to register to vote and talk to neighbors in order to defeat Proposition 112.

The Energy and Natural Resources Committee is raising new questions about the relationship between non-profit environmental groups and foreign entities in influencing U.S. policy. This week, Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) sent a letter to Earthjustice President Abigail Dillen requesting additional documentation …

What began as the effort of Weld County mayors to oppose a 2,500-foot setback ballot measure has mushroomed into a statewide coalition of more than 40 mayors, including top officials from all ten of the state’s largest municipalities, to defeat a proposition they call “morally wrong” and “too extreme” for their communities. Spearheading that effort—Mayors Against Proposition 112 or MAP112—Johnstown Mayor Scott K James said, was a matter of principle and critical to protecting his community.

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