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Former Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar said he disagreed with the legal arguments and theories presented by climate lawsuit plaintiffs around the country, including the lawsuit in Colorado. Salazar spoke to members of the oil and gas industry at the Colorado Petroleum Council event last week. U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and American Petroleum Institute President & CEO Jack Gerard joined Colorado’s former attorney general in addressing the recent trend in climate litigation and whether courts were useful venues for debating environmental policies or if the issue should be left to the legislative and executive branches.

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Former Interior Department Secretary and Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar said the proposed oil and gas leases near the Great Sand Dunes National Park are “on the other side of the mountains”, not within park boundaries, and called the proposed 2,500-foot setback in Initiative 97 “unconstitutional” in comments Thursday. Salazar was joined by U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and American Petroleum Institute President & CEO Jack Gerard at the Colorado Petroleum Council luncheon in Denver.

Democrats Divided Over Oil And Gas Setback Measure

by Michael Sandoval July 25, 2018

Colorado’s top Democrat expressed concerns over a ballot measure that would increase the state’s oil and gas setbacks less than a week after his party voted to support the effort. Gov. John Hickenlooper said the proposed increase in setbacks posed a number of problems, including exposing the state to takings claims from private property owners and threatening the retirement of Coloradans.

Creating A ‘New Carbon Economy’

by Michael Sandoval July 19, 2018


Federal policy should encourage technological innovation and natural gas and other feedstocks should be viewed as a creative new material for all kinds of applications, not simply as waste in a “new carbon economy,” House members were told earlier this week. The hearing at the House Science, Space and Technology subcommittees on Energy and Environment focused on the future of fossil fuel technologies, including various public-private partnerships between federal and state research and various industries.

Colorado Climate Lawsuit A Year In The Making

by Michael Sandoval July 18, 2018

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The first in a multi-part series. Planning for a Colorado climate lawsuit began at least one year prior to its filing, according to documents obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act request. The documents from Boulder County reveal an extensive timeline of coordination between three Colorado local governments and plaintiffs’ attorneys beginning in the Spring of 2017 and culminating with the lawsuit announcement three months ago in Boulder, Colo.

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Congressional Western Caucus members unveiled a raft of bipartisan bills aimed at reforming the Endangered Species Act (ESA) at a legislative hearing Thursday, aimed at updating what one Congressman called an “8-track law in a Spotify world.” Pushing back on the “historically and currently problematic or dysfunctional components” of ESA, …

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There’s no need to fight for energy abroad when there is abundant energy right here in the United States, and western states, too long ignored by the federal government, are key to producing the energy that drives our economy, Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke said Wednesday. “As a father and former [Navy SEALs] commander, I don’t want your children to see what I’ve seen, quite frankly,” Zinke said. “There’s a reason to fight but energy is not one of them when we have it here.”