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Anti-Fossil Fuel Activists Charter Luxurious Buses On Way To Nebraska Protest

National groups opposed to fossil fuels arranged premium motor coach transportation to transport protesters from out-of-state to Lincoln, Nebraska, from various locations across the Western and Midwestern regions to demonstrate against the Keystone XL pipeline on Sunday.

“Hundreds of Nebraskans, along with Water Protectors and Pipeline Fighters from states near and far, will come together in Lincoln on the eve of the week-long Keystone XL intervenor hearings at the Nebraska Public Service Commission,” wrote Bold Nebraska, “and march through the streets to send the message that Keystone XL is a threat to our land, water and climate, and not in the public interest. March with us to give Keystone XL the boot! (emphasis in original).”

The Sierra Club and 350.org, co-sponsors of the protest march, coordinated the bus transportation for the “March to Give Keystone XL the Boot.” Buses were arranged to leave from various locations including Denver, Colorado (including Wyoming); Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; Wichita, Kansas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kansas City, Missouri; and South Dakota.

“If you want to come to Nebraska from Colorado for the March to Give KXL the Boot, please book as soon as you can to guarantee a seat!” the group wrote on its Eventbrite page.

“Book as soon as possible, today if you can,” the group urged its followers to ensure full buses. “It’s often impossible to add extra buses at the last minute (we have tried before!) even if we have enough people to fill one.”

Organizers advised protesters to come prepared with comfortable attire and footwear, as well as food and water.

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The “56-Passenger Luxury Motorcoaches” rented from Ramblin Express are equipped with Cummins diesel engines and boast amenities such as temperature control, pull-down flat screen TVs, complimentary WiFi, and mood lighting.

In Commerce City, Colorado, protesters got on the bus late Saturday night, bringing signs they intended to use during the Sunday march.

TransCanada, the company behind Keystone XL, informed Western Wire recently that reports in the media indicating a retreat from the project were inaccurate.

Matthew John, a spokesperson for TransCanada, conveyed “[T]he idea that there is a lack of commercial support for this project is simply untrue” to Western Wire that assertions of insufficient commercial backing for the project are unfounded. He emphasized the company’s dedication to Keystone XL and noted strong support from its primary customers. Their objective in the current phase is to secure a substantial number of long-term 20-year contracts, a goal they are highly confident in achieving.

Despite awaiting approval from the Nebraska Public Service Commission, whose proceedings commence this week, John states that the market dynamics supporting the Keystone XL project remain unchanged.

“The fundamental need for Keystone XL: the demand for heavy crude oil in the Gulf Coast has not changed,” wrote John. “The USGC [U.S. Gulf Coast] remains the most attractive market for heavy oil, and Keystone XL remains the safest and most efficient way to supply that market.”

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